Van Dyk Racing says it is extremely thrilled to announce its new marketing partnership with crypto start-up company, PLAAK, in what is believed to be a world-first for drag racing and a first for Australian motorsport across the board.

In the race to bridge the gap between digital assets and real-world applications, PLAAK says it is fast tracked to be well ahead of its competitors.

Van Dyk Racing principal and driver Ryan Van Dyk, who only recently got into cryptocurrency, says that upon doing some research he saw the potential in PLAAK to really make a difference in people’s lives.

“I did my research and decided to invest in their (PLAAK’s) initial coin offering,” he said.

Believing so much in what PLAAK wanted to bring to the table, Van Dyk then went an extra step.

“I approached a former colleague, Todd, who I discovered was involved in the project, and asked about the possibility of entering a marketing partnership – and here we are,” Van Dyk said.

“It may seem odd that a Sportsman level team like ours has landed a world’s first sponsorship in the booming crypto world.

“We are a small budget team that races off of wages, but that is who PLAAK and the cryptocurrency market in general is for, the little guy, the mum and dad investors, the people who want to take control over their own financial destiny.”

It certainly didn’t seem odd to PLAAK, who were thrilled by the proposition.

“Van Dyk and the drag racing team at their core stand for the same things PLAAK does: Community,” PLAAK Branding and Marketing Executive, Todd Carmody, said.

“The partnership only seems natural given that PLAAK wants to get in touch with its targeted audience. We aren’t a big corporation looking at ripping off the little guy, but empowering them so that they can take control of their business and financial futures themselves.”

The enormous respect and concern for the little guy is part of what perpetuates PLAAK’s reputation, with people clamouring to discuss and explain its purpose to everyone they meet, says Todd.

The PLAAK freelance app is free to download from the app store and you can visit for more information on the projects they are building for the people. The current ICO campaign is currently underway so PLAAK encourages you to get in now.

Van Dyk Racing will debut its new PLAAK livery at Mildura’s Easter Supercharged Shootout event on March 31. For event information, please visit the Sunraysia Drag Racing Association website or facebook page by clicking here or here.

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The PLAAK team is a family that wants to empower the every-day person in many areas of life, providing different solutions to every-day problems in one place. PLAAK says its freelance app uses the best of blockchain technology to empower workers and employees by putting them in the driver seat of their business and financial future. The freelance app combines consumer trades and services with the cryptocurrency world, opening up opportunities for users to participate in a potentially trillion-dollar marketplace. Users are in control of their hours, pay rate and payment type, with the app letting the handy work of service providers speak for itself. Good services are rewarded with increased opportunity for business growth, while also giving them the ability to warn fellow providers of bad clients. There are low transaction fees, fast payment transfer times, security that meets the highest standard of international regulations and more importantly no interference from big companies. PLAAK will also allow users to have access to a secure fiat/cryptocurrency wallet, exchange, managed investment fund and health insurance and data app. These features will let people watch their assets grow and provide avenues for cryptocurrency assets to be used, making them less abstract in their potential for every-day use. Those behind PLAAK says this visionary community ecosystem leaves competitors in the dust, with the two co-founders and PLAAK team not settling at making just one area easier for the every-day person.