Media Accreditation

ANDRA Drag Racing Media Accreditation Guidelines

All requests for media accreditation at Australian National Drag Racing Association sanctioned events including photographers, videographers and journalists must apply one week prior to the event date. Any applications after this cannot be guaranteed.

ANDRA recognises the value of media coverage and reporting of ANDRA events, provided that coverage respects safety, ethical and industry standards.

Media applying for accreditation must meet the following guidelines. Media are encouraged to read the guidelines thoroughly prior to submitting an application.

Accreditation Principles

Media Accreditation is restricted to professional journalists and photographers working for commercial news organisations and/or official ANDRA appointed media representatives only.

ANDRA reserves the right to refuse media credentials for publications that cannot be verified or that it deems not substantive in reach or content; all requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Videographers will be assessed on a case-by-case basis after a written proposal detailing the type (i.e. team media, promotional, documentary) and scope of the videography project is sent to

ANDRA reserves the right to deny any applicant media accreditation.

You are considered a media representative if:

  1. You currently work (full/part time or contract) for a publishing company (i.e. Bauer Media, Fairfax, News Corp, Express etc) Limit 2 representatives trackside per publication per event at all times.
  2. You are representing a legitimate, well ranking motorsport/motoring/sports/news website and can provide statistics. Limit 2 representatives trackside per publication per event at all times.
  3. You are working with approved broadcast media or a legitimate video production company (i.e. documentary crews) and/or a videographer pre-approved by ANDRA to operate at selected events.
  4. You are an officially appointed track photographer/media officer and can provide an official statement letter to support your application. Limit 2 representatives trackside at all times unless otherwise stated by track management.

If you are team specific media representing an individual race team or driver, you are considered part of the crew and must go through the relevant steps of entry through the respective race team. You will be permitted to access the startline ONLY when the team you are representing is on track.

 You are NOT considered an eligible media representative if:

  1. You have a website for the sole purpose of selling photos for commercial purposes.
  2. You have a Facebook page or personal blog/website where you publish photos.
  3. You have a personal YouTube channel where you publish videos.

If your media outlet requires special consideration please contact All requests need to be made no less than two weeks prior to an event. After this time we cannot guarantee approval.


Media Accreditation is provided based on demonstrated previous (past 12 months) and ongoing coverage of drag racing in print, television, radio and online media as outlined above.

Media Accreditation applications MUST be received no less than two weeks prior to the start of of the first event you wish to attend. Applicants are required to lodge a head and shoulders photo upon application.

A portfolio of recent published work is REQUIRED upon application. Failure to do so will result in an unsuccessful application.

In some cases, freelance or previously unknown media will only be granted Media Accreditation if an approved outlet contacts ANDRA directly via letter or email to verify the applicant’s authenticity. These media are required to be working for a newspaper, magazine or designated website and produce their work to ANDRA once published or aired.

As a condition of Media Accreditation, ANDRA requires photos, videos, text and any other coverage to be made available free of charge on request to be used at ANDRA’s discretion. Use will be credited where possible.

Once the application has been submitted, ANDRA may request that additional credentials be submitted before the application is approved. Credentials may include:

  • A copy of an official letter from your media outlet or your business card with name, editorial title and media outlet’s logo;
  • A copy of a current masthead, which clearly displays your name and editorial title, and/or;
  • A by-lined industry-related article written and/or photos captured by you and published within the last 12 months

All accredited media agree to abide by the ANDRA Code of Conduct.


ANDRA accredited media are permitted access to “hot areas” (i.e. trackside, staging lanes, pits etc) however the following rules MUST be adhered to:


  1. Must wear ANDRA media vests and credentials at all times in the hot areas. ANDRA media vests will be made available on a temporary basis to all accredited media however a $50 deposit is required and will be refunded upon return of the vest at the end of the event. Failure to return media vests will result in a loss of deposit and the number of the vest will be removed from circulation and cancelled. Expired/cancelled vests will NOT be permitted to be worn at future events and a new deposit will be required to obtain a current vest to be returned at the end of the event. In the case of National media attending ALL Championship events, written permission to maintain temporary possesion of a vest may be requested from ANDRA.
  2. No more than TWO representatives from a single media outlet are permitted trackside at any one time unless otherwise given permission by ANDRA prior to the event (i.e. videographers/film crew). In the case of multiple photographers representing the same media outlet, only two media vests per event are to be allocated for rotation among media representatives. Access to the start line is only granted to those wearing an ANDRA media vest.
  3. Are not permitted in the starters lane (unless prior permission has been given from track management), racing surface including the vehicle holding area, burnout area or the area immediately behind the starters lane between the lanes at any time while racing is in progress.
  4. Must not scale the concrete safety barriers at any time.
  5. Must not lean against or over the concrete safety barriers at any time.
  6. Must not mount or place cameras and/or equipment on concrete safety barriers at any time.
  7. Must not stand next to the concrete safety barriers past 225 feet (70 meters or as outlined at the discretion of track management)
  8. Must not stand or take photos/videos at or near the finish line.
  9. Must not stand or take photos/videos in the braking area less than 300 meters past the finish and/or without prior permission from track management.
  10. Shall follow directions given by ANDRA staff and stewards and/or track management, staff and officials.
  11. Shall not interfere with or impede any spectators or other media personnel, the conduct of any race, the photography/filming  (i.e. TV cameras) of any race, or any part of the event.
  12. Are not permitted to sell unsolicited photos or any other material to teams and racers at an event.
  13. In the event of a serious accident resulting in hospitalisation and/or fatality, media are required to seek authority from ANDRA to publish in any way, any or all details regarding the incident.

CLICK HERE to download a trackside diagram detailing restricted areas.

Media Accreditation Procedure

All Media Accreditation applications must be submitted through the ANDRA Media Accreditation Portal.

Applicants must complete all mandatory fields and accept the terms and conditions stipulated in these guidelines.

The applicant will be notified of their application status (approve/decline) via email from ANDRA.

Media Passes will be distributed to successful applicants via post or other requested collection methods.

(By clicking this link you agree to abide by the above guidelines. Failure to comply with these guidelines at any time may result in ANDRA Media Accreditation being revoked. Upon clicking ‘I AGREE’ you will be taken to the Media Accreditation Application form). 

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