Rule Submissions

Rule Submissions will be accepted by Division Directors or ANDRA Technical ( until 14 September 2018. After this date, a process of submission publication and consultation with members in regards to support, alteration of or resistance to the submissions will be undertaken. Please keep a keen eye on Motor Mail and the ANDRA website for a chance to have your say on the submissions.

Any submission made must consider the following:

  • How does the rule protect the safety of participants and spectators?
  • How is the rule a positive step for the sport?
  • What is the positive impact of the rule on other classes and brackets?
  • How does the rule ensure increased opportunity for even competition?
  • Describe how the rule is practical and enforceable?
  • Describe how the cost of complying with the rule is reasonable for competitors?

All submissions must be accompanied by payment of the $25 submission processing fee which is payable by cheque, credit card, bank transfer or bank draft.

If any assistance is required in writing a submission or for clarification of a submission please contact ANDRA Technical at

Members are encouraged to provide feedback on submissions to their Division Director or to no later than 30 November 2018.

2019/2020 Rule Submissions

1.0          A-Fuel Dragster into Top Alcohol Eliminator 
2.0          Championship Honours Tie Decider 
3.0          Cooling Systems (Open Vehicles) 
4.0          Engine Block Deck Height 
5.1          Junior Dragster Age Increase 19yrs 
5.2          Junior Dragster Age Increase 18yrs 
6.0          Junior Dragster Qualifying 
7.0          /MP and /MS Drive Shaft Floor Area Modifications 
8.0          /MP and /MS Suspension 
9.0          /MP Sub Frame Connectors 
10.1        New Group 2 Class, D/MSA 
10.2        New Group 2 Class, E/APA 
10.3        New Group 2 Class, D/AA 
10.4        New Group 2 Class, D/DA 
11.0        Points from State Based ANDRA Series 
12.0        Remove RPM Activated Shifters from Group 2 
13.0        SC/O and SC/S E.T. Cut Off 
14.0        Top Sportsman Eliminator

For details about the submission process, please see the Rule Submission Policy.

If further details are required, please contact