Rule Submissions

ANDRA is pleased to announce the first round of Rule Submissions which are now available for consideration by the ANDRA membership.

  1. Adding Single Mag Injected Nitromethane Fuelled Classes to Competition Eliminator
  2. Adding E and EE to Competition Bike Classes
  3. Trans Brake Button Adjustment
  4. Removal of Ballistic Blankets for Turbochargers
  5. Update of EFI Rules
  6. Update of Computer Rules
  7. Competition Eliminator – Turbochargers
  8. Competition Eliminator – E Classes Adjustment
  9. Junior Drag Bikes
  10. Aluminum Alloy Engine Blocks – Group 2 Cars
  11. Super Stock – New Class, E/AP
  12. Oz Modified – Engine Bay Sheetmetal
  13. OZ Modified – Tyres
  14. Super Street ET Cut-Off Adjustments

As an ANDRA Member you are encouraged to review and provide any/all comments back to your Division Director or National Rules Committee (NRC) representative.

Or alternatively if you would prefer to email your comments, please send them to

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