It is with regret that the Australian National Drag Racing Association and the Sunraysia Drag Racing Association announce that this weekend’s Twilight Nationals has been abandoned due to poor weather conditions.

The event was originally scheduled to commence on the afternoon of Friday the 13th of March,  however high winds and the subsequent dusty conditions on-track forced the beginning of the event to be re-scheduled to this morning (Saturday 14 March).

Unfortunately, the high winds have again surfaced this morning and weather forecasts predict only worsening conditions for both today and this evening, as well as tomorrow (Sunday 15 March).

As such, ANDRA and the Sunraysia Drag Racing Association have been left with no choice but to abandon the event as to attempt to continue in these weather conditions would represent too much of a safety risk to competitors as well as track staff.

As per the rules specified in the 2019/2020 ANDRA rulebook for cases of event abandonment, all competitors entered for the Twilight Nationals will be awarded 20 points towards their 2019/2020 Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series tally.

“ANDRA and the Sunraysia Drag Racing Association are very disappointed that this decision has had to be made and it was certainly not made lightly. However, at all times the safety of our members, officials and track staff must always be held paramount and with the worsening conditions predicted over the weekend we have been left with no other choice,” ANDRA Chief Executive Officer, Brett Stevens, said.

The event was to have been held with no spectators in light of the current escalating COVID-19 pandemic.

“In light of the current situation unfolding in Australia around COVID-19 we acknowledge there are many questions in our community around upcoming ANDRA-sanctioned events. Please rest assured that we are actively monitoring this evolving situation while consulting with other motorsport bodies, insurers and government departments. Updates will be provided as they become available.”