Perth Motorplex’s Fast Racing Series is a breeding ground for the skilled drag racers of the future and no more so than in Junior Dragster where kids from eight to 16 years old do battle in half scale dragsters.

WA’s Naylor family has been part of the Junior Dragster scene for longer than most, with three kids graduating up through the ranks (Alicia, Rhys and Brittany) and two more still going – Brayden (pictured above) and Michael (pictured below).

This Friday, March 13 they will be on track enjoying the thrill of competition over an eighth mile distance (201 metres). And believe it or not, these little single cylinder dragsters will pummel a Holden SS Commodore or a Ford XR8 Falcon over that distance!

“The thing I love about the drags is the speed and the adrenalin you get when you’re going down the track and how competitive the bracket is,” Brayden said.

As part of a big family, Michael said that drag racing is a common element that helps keep them all together.

“Drag racing means just about everything to us as far as what the family does together, but having four brothers and sisters means we all have other interests – racing keeps us together most of the time,” he said.

Junior drag racing has been a part of the sport in Australia since about 1993, when cars first made demonstration runs at various events.

For participants, it is just as much a social scene as it is about the competition.

“I like to go rounds and have a good time and see my friends,” Michael said. “It’s really good fun racing these cars.”

Of course racing at the same time means Brayden and Naylor occasionally get to face off against one another – with some serious bragging rights on the table!

“It’s scary because my brother is a really good racer and has more experience than me, but I race him like every other racer, I’d just like to beat him more than anyone else,” Michael said.

Brayden echoed the extra emotion that goes into wanting to beat up on his little brother.

“It’s just like racing your fiercest opponent, we’re brothers first of course and have a family bond and want each other to do well,” he said. “Off the track we’re close but as soon as the helmet goes on he’s like my enemy, it’s also a race for bragging rights until the next time we race.”

Junior Dragsters are a great way to get kids involved in a safe and fun motorsport at a young age. If you would like any more information about how to become involved, we highly recommend coming to the Fast Racing Series event this Friday and having a chat with some of the teams – it might be a step to one of the most fun family activities you can do!

The Fast Racing Series features a variety of drag racing categories including Sportsman for Super Sedan and Modified style race cars, Oz EFI, Sport Compact, Classic, Street Fighter and Fast Bike.

Qualifying commences from 6pm.

For event details click here.

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