Dale Gummow will return to Perth Motorplex in a professional capacity as Event Coordinator for Drag Racing, Burnout and Special Events.

Dale, whom last worked at Perth Motorplex in 2009, has never lost her spark, passion, and desire to return to the nuts and bolts of drag racing event coordination in a full-time capacity.

“Drag racing fills a large part of my life, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to return to do what I love – the behind the scenes work, the organisation and build up to events,” Dale expressed.

“I am so grateful to be back working at the Motorplex along side some very talented people and together I am sure we will have a fantastic season,” said Dale, whom has competed in both Modified Bike and Modified Eliminator as a competitor.

The winner of the 2014/15 Igglesden Award for greatest contribution to drag racing by a female, Dale was successful from over one hundred applicants to fulfill the position.

“We were very humbled to have received so many applicants for the position, but there was one whom perfectly gelled with the position,” said Drag Racing Manager, Rod Britton.

Differing from the position last time at Perth Motorplex, as Event Administrator, which was essentially an office appointment, Dale’s role will take on aspects of the Drag Racing Manager’s functions including hands-on at events.

With over seventy event days scheduled for drag racing, burnouts and special events in 2015/16, it’s a case of going back to the future – similar to how drag racing and burnout management was separated years ago – except it will be the combination of two staff working side-by-side on events was thought to be in the best interests of the sport to allow more quality time to be dedicated to competitor liaison and public relations.

Perth Motorplex will be pleased to formally welcome Dale back to the venue to begin the role on Tuesday, 29 September 2015.