CAMS have issued an open letter to ANDRA Members.

Dear Members, 

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) has been the custodian of motor sport in Australia since 1953, charged by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) to ensure that motor sport in this country is conducted in accordance with the highest standards of safety, fairness and social responsibility.

Since 1973, CAMS has delegated responsibility for drag racing in Australia to the Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA). As the drag racing sanctioning body in Australia, ANDRA and its members work to make drag racing a family friendly, safe sport.

Like CAMS, ANDRA is a respected sanctioning body, dealing with events throughout Australia at all levels, from grass roots right through to international events. 

And like CAMS with four-wheel motor sport, ANDRA has decades of experience in the administration of drag racing, a wealth of knowledge that should not be disregarded.

The development/evolution of sporting and technical regulations over 40-plus years ensures that the sport is operated to the highest standard and the judicial system that presides over drag racing ensures that the sport maintains integrity. 

Importantly, ANDRA is a member-based, not-for-profit organisation, where profits are returned to the sport to benefit members. In addition, through its association with CAMS, ANDRA members benefit in being supported by a network that is directly connected to the world motor sport governing body, the FIA. CAMS also works closely with ANDRA by sharing information on everything from track development to member policies; this ensures that the highest standards of governance and stakeholder engagement are in place. 

And finally, like CAMS, ANDRA belongs to its members; the 3,600-plus members in Australia have the opportunity, through Division Councils, to provide advice to the ANDRA Board who are ultimately elected by the membership. 

CAMS is deeply concerned by the recent efforts of an overseas based entity to offer an alternative to ANDRA.  ANDRA offers independent sanctioning and membership services backed up by over 40 years’ experience in this country, along with an intimate knowledge of the local stakeholders – from governments and tracks to the various occupational health and safety authorities in this country. Every drag loving participant should support an independent Australian authority employing Australians to manage Australians.

CAMS will not work with or support any drag racing sanctioning body other than ANDRA.

I encourage members of ANDRA to support their organisation, contribute to the direction of their chosen sport and assist to provide an environment for drag racing participants to experience the sport in a positive, enjoyable and safe environment.


Yours sincerely,


Eugene Arocca

Chief Executive Officer

Confederation of Australian Motor Sport

To view a PDF of this letter please CLICK HERE