While providing an exciting and action filled spectacular for more than 35,000 fans recently, the Fuchs Winternationals also saw a flurry of National and track records broken across a wide range of drag racing classes.

Racers from all over Australia set the highest number of track records in the history of the Fuchs Winternationals during the Queen’s Birthday weekend (4-7 June) at Willowbank Raceway. 

The 48 Willowbank track records established during the four-day event beat the previous best haul of 46 track records from the 1997 Winternationals.

There were also 20 National drag racing records broken, bringing the total of records set to 68, the fourth highest overall number at a Winternationals. There were 75 records set in 1997, 73 in 2010 and 71 in 2008.

The record fest confirms Willowbank’s reputation as the quickest track outside of North America, an honour that has been earned over many years as a result of excellent preparation by the raceway’s team of track surface specialists. 

A list of the national recorders broken at the event can be found here. The Willowbank Raceway track records set at the Fuchs Winternationals were:


Top Alcohol Dragster

5.504 seconds – Jamie Noonan

261.32mph (420.55km/h) – Jamie Noonan


Top Alcohol Funny Car

5.422s – John Cannuli

265.80mph (427.76km/h) – John Cannuli


Top Doorslammer

5.693s – John Zappia

253.37mph (407.76km/h) – John Zappia


Pro Stock

6.896s – Lee Bektash

198.58mph (319.58km/h) – Lee Bektash



7.287s – Craig Geddes

186.12mph (299.53km/h) – Craig Geddes


E/Dragster Automatic

7.468s – Wayne Cartledge

176.17mph (283.52km/h) – Wayne Cartledge


EE/Altered Automatic

174.50mph (280.83km/h) – Darryl Marsh


AA/Funny Car

5.830s – Greg Clayton

237.75 (382.62km/h) – Greg Clayton


BB/Funny Car Automatic

6.375s – Alistair McClure

221.16mph (355.92km/h) – Alistair McClure


BB/Gas Automatic

6.949s – Rob Coleman

195.00mph (313.82km/h) – Rob Coleman



8.248s – Kim Fardella

163.16mph (262.58km/h) – Kim Fardella


B/Altered Production

7.152s – Rob Nunn

190.83mph (307.11km/h) – Rob Nunn


B/Altered Production Automatic

7.393s – Clint George


C/Altered Production

174.96mph (281.57km/h) – Frank Stivala


C/Altered Production Automatic

7.834s – Steve Norman

173.78mph (279.67km/h) – Steve Norman


DD/Altered Production I Automatic

7.426s – Jason Payne


RR/Altered Production 

7.446s – Brett Glover

151.34mph (243.56km/h) – Brett Glover


B/Modified Sedan Automatic

9.121s – Jim Ioannidis


H/Modified Production

9.487s – Jai Schluter

134.77mph (216.89km/h) – Jai Schluter


AA/Sport Compact

6.302s – Scott Porter


BB/Sport Compact

7.259s – Darren Kehl

195.45mph (314.55km/h) – Darren Kehl


CC/Sport Modified

7.177s – Michael Baghdadi

183.24mph (294.90km/h) – Michael Baghdadi


AA/Oz Modified

7.678s – Matt Lisle

193.68mph (311.70km/h) – Matt Lisle


BB/Comp Bike Nitrous

7.515s – Robert Cassar

171.58mph (276.13km/h) – Robert Cassar


V/Comp Bike

8.975s – Niki Zakrzewski


DD/Altered Bike

173.61mph (279.40km/h) – Mick Mundey


B/Altered Bike

8.221s – Ross Smith

160.65mph (258.54km/h) – Peter Puznik


C/Altered Bike

8.219s – Blair Pennington


AA/Modified Bike

7.429s – Kerry Ellis


Image: dragphotos.com.au