Want to become more involved in Drag Racing events?
Want to be closer to some awesome Drag Racing action?
Then why not become an ANDRA Steward?

Becoming an ANDRA Steward is easy as 1, 2, or 3…

  1. Speak to a Drag Racing Official at the track.
  2. Contact your ANDRA Divisional Director
  3. Call the ANDRA Head Office and speak to Scott Halfyard (Technical Officer) on 08 8271 5355.

Some of the ANDRA Steward’s responsibilities and activities include,

  • Assist the public, the Promoter, Competitors and Track Officials whenever possible
  • Advise all participants on ANDRA policies, rules and procedures
  • Observe and report on infringements of rules
  • Receive and investigate all formal protests and deliver findings on the spot if possible
  • Referee in any disputes and deliver findings on the facts available
  • Confirm the class eligibility of vehicles
  • Conduct fuel and weight testing of vehicles
  • Conduct reporting for record setting purposes
  • Endorse ANDRA Licences and Logbooks as required
  • Observe the event and report on it to ANDRA

If this sounds like something you are interested in and you want more information, please call ANDRA  on 08 8271 5355 or email info@andra.com.au