It has been a frantic first week in the Australian National Drag Racing Association head office for new Chief Executive Officer, Tim McAvaney, as he familiarises himself with ANDRA and the internal procedures within head office.

“First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome and well wishes I have received,” McAvaney said.

“There have been a few things which have taken my attention this week and my first priority has been to address the resources we have in the office and the way we communicate with our members.

“I am currently tidying up our phone system and our accessibility to our members.

“It is clear that we are also under resourced at the moment and our ability to respond in a timely manner has been hindered.

“It has been difficult for Scott (Technical Officer) and Amanda (Licencing and Membership Officer) to juggle the general administration with their primary roles, and to make things more difficult, our licencing system is outdated and is in need of a major overall.

“Thankfully Interim CEO Ian Brown has already started that overhaul process and a state-of-the-art system will be in place sooner rather than later, assisting members with a user friendly system, while streamlining the internal administration for head office.”

While the database project advances, McAvaney is turning his attention to improving the phone system capabilities.

“My focus today (Friday 7 July) is to review and re-set-up the phone system to allow us to do our job more effectively for our members,” McAvaney said.

“As part of this, responding to Licencing enquiries will be paused until Monday (10 July) and further instruction to members will be communicated Monday morning on the best way to contact us via phone and email moving forward.

“I thank everyone for their patience today as we get everything that we need in place.

“At the same time, I am continuing to assess what other resources are required in the head office, thereby identifying what staffing skill set we will need moving forward.”

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