Fans may have noticed a slight difference to the scheduling and Championship points scenario for Top Doorslammer last weekend at Hidden Valley Drag Strip.

For the first time ever ANDRA, in consultation with the Australian Top Doorslammer Association, introduced a ‘shootout’ for non-qualifiers of the race day field. 

The new format included two rounds of the ‘shootout’ for all non-qualifiers between eliminations contested by the top 8 qualifiers.

Each shootout round winner was allocated 20 points per round, each shootout round loser was allocated 15 points per round. The shootout is not compulsory and if a non-qualifier chooses not to compete, they are allocated 20 points for a non-qualifier. 

Seeding for non-qualifiers initial run is based on the previous days qualifying position (ie 9 vs last place, 10 vs second last place etc). For round 2, seeding is based on the quickest winners from round 1.

The shootout in Darwin featuring Pino Priolo, Stuart Bishop, Daniel Gregorini, Matt Abel and Rob Taylor proved to be highly popular ensuring hourly appearances by the world’s quickest sedans entertaining the packed Hidden Valley Drag Strip crowd. 

Stuart Bishop emerged with two shootout victories over Rob Taylor while Pino Priolo and Daniel Gregorini earned wins over Matt Abel to go with their solo efforts. 

The Top Doorslammer shootout will be employed once again at Hidden Valley August 14-15 and at selected events throughout the season. 

To view the ANDRA Drag Racing Series points following Nitro Up North at Hidden Valley Drag Strip, please click here.