The Super Street Licence is suitable for competitors not requiring an Unlimited Licence at ANDRA Championship events, but wishing to hold a permanent ANDRA Licence. The SSL can be used for cars and motorcycles 10.00 seconds (1/4 mile or 1/8 mile equivalent) or slower, as long as the vehicle meets the class requirements for the ET.

The Super Street Licence is valid for twelve months from the last day of the month of issue.

Applicants may apply for an ANDRA Super Street Licence upon turning seventeen years of age, or sixteen where the applicant can prove experience competing in recognised junior motorsport formulae, licence will be fully endorsed only after successful completion of Performance Testing at Level Three.

No medical examination is required for a Super Street Licence.

A new Super Street Licence may be applied for by supplying a competitor photo, and completed application directly to ANDRA Head Office.

The Super Street Licence is also available from the ANDRA web shop and at some tracks, applications made at the track will receive a temporary racing number which may be used immediately.

A Super Street Licence also includes all the benefits of membership including ANDRA Fastlane digital magazine, a rule book, ANDRA stickers and a membership card.

Click here to apply for a Super Street licence online

Click here for the Super Street licence form

All completed forms can be faxed or emailed to head office. Fax: (08) 8271 6988 Email: