The Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) is pleased to officially release its new online digital licensing platform.

Using the platform, ANDRA members can renew their ANDRA licence when it is due, and upon completion of that renewal, view their current licence and its status, upload medicals and update details – all from their device.

In the near future, all licence holders will be able to login and view their current licence, with the system currently being populated with all current and historical licence records.

The system will also soon handle logbook and technical applications, with testing on this stage of the system to be completed before the end of the year.

The launch of the online system will increase speed and efficiency for the processing of licence applications and renewals and allows ANDRA members to have more visibility and control over their licence status.

“An online licensing system is something that has been greatly needed and I am very pleased that we are now able to offer this to our members,” ANDRA Chief Executive Officer, Tim McAvaney, said.

“This new online portal means that our members have great access and control over their licence than ever before and means that licences can be processed quicker and from all around the country.

“Members can see when their renewal is coming up, what documents are required, and the status of their application.”

Originally scheduled to be released in September, the system has now been trialled by around fifty recent applicants over the past two weeks and has survived the trial period.

“Over recent weeks we have had ANDRA members testing the system for us, and the feedback has been great, and we have already made some changes to make the system even easier to use.

“We will continue to review and update the system as we move forward, to ensure it is as user friendly and effective as possible for our members.

“In the meantime, I want to thank everyone for their patience over the past three months while technical issues have held up the release of the digital licence.

“The delay has resulted in long licence application turnaround times leading up to some big events already held this season and has put enormous pressure on the ANDRA Admin Team.

“While we still do have a backlog, I am pleased to report that licence applications will now be turned around within days, not weeks.”

Currently Licencing and Memberships can be put through this system, with all logbook and technical applications still performed manually through the usual process by the ANDRA team.

Stage two, which will include logbook and technical applications, will be developed and tested before Christmas.

The online licence application process is simple and straight forward and can be completed in minutes. It allows for a photo to be uploaded and a medical report, should your class of licence require it.

Once all the fields are completed correctly, the apply button will direct you to the Secure PayPal online portal, where the application can be paid by credit card. An automatic receipt will be generated with instructions of how to set up your account to access your licence.

“We ask that all renewing members use this process when their licence expires,” McAvaney said.

“There is a field for your current licence number, so this number can be updated for any application that we receive.”

To apply for a new licence or renew an existing licence, please create a new application using one of the links below. Once your application is completed and you have received email confirmation, you can login to view your licence by going to, and clicking ‘Digital Licence’ under the ‘Get Involved’ menu dropdown.

“Thank you to our committed ANDRA team, Scott, Janelle and Amanda, who have navigated us through this busy period and to Laura who assisted superbly for two months until the system could be developed and released,” McAvaney said.

For any enquires, please email

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