Australian Top Fuel Motorcycle legend and one-time ANDRA Champion Jay Upton is looking forward to mixing it up with the V-Twin boys this weekend at the 2017 ANDRA Goldenstates in Perth.

Upton, or the “White Knight” as he is known for obvious reasons, remembers well the days when the Harley boys ruled because they always had the numbers. “At one stage they wanted to split from us and have their own championship because of the performance disparity”, said Upton. They felt we metric bikes had the advantage.

“Well that never happened and right now some of those nitro Harley’s are very quick. Look at Mark Drew and how quick he has run!”

“It’s great to see the numbers at this event and while it kind of reminds me of the old days, I’m here to win as well”, grinned Upton.

Last time out Upton went testing at Perth Motorplex on his full-bodied two-wheel top fueller. “We had no expectations and just wanted to blow the cobwebs out and burn some nitro. My last appearance on the bike was 2011 so the plan was get to half-track and see what happens from there. We have a new data management program now, and if it does what they say it will do, then it’s priceless.

“We had three goes at the track and on the last attempt we nearly got there, said Upton. “The engine is making a lot of power but we just couldn’t get a hold on the track.

What keeps you going in this sport? “I guess it’s all about unfinished business”, said Upton. Unfortunately in drag racing there will always be unfinished business. It doesn’t matter how good you go you will always get home and look at the data and wonder maybe I should have done this or that. We are always developing and always looking to run quicker, especially if you see the potential.

“My best ET is a 6.11, but for this weekend the plan is to go half-track first and then go harder on Saturday.

“Lets hope we can see some of that potential at the Goldenstates.”

Image by Phil Luyer/www.highoctanephotos


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