When it comes to Nitro Harley racing in Australia, WA’s Mark Drew is the man to beat. There is only one other rider to go within a few thousandths of a second of Drew’s national record and that is Queensland’s Damian Muscat.


Despite being a relative nitro rookie, Muscat has quickly become one of the most dangerous riders in the field with consistent six second performances.

Muscat will take on a classy field at the Goldenstates this weekend that includes three former national champions: Drew, Jay Upton and Ian Ashelford.

“It’s great to race in a big field, it makes everyone work that bit harder and there are some big hitters there who have been around a long time,”he said. “It will be a matter of getting on the tune and hopefully the We haven’t really set any goals for the weekend, we will go out there and do our best and see what we can deliver, put on a good show for the crowd.”

Muscat raced at the Motorplex before, just over 10 years when he purchased a Suzuki drag bike from WA and decided to get in a quick race while he was there.

Since then the racing has become a lot faster and with his switch to nitro last year Muscat has been able to experience the highs and lows of drag racing. 

The Top Fuel Motorcycle bracket begins with a test session on Friday afternoon before launching into two rounds of championship competition across two nights at the Goldenstates.

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