ANDRA has launched its second Instagram account with a dedicated page for its Junior Dragster racers. The Summit Racing Equipment Junior Dragster Instagram page is open and live and joins its Facebook page in engaging with the future racers of the sport.

As a business tool, ANDRA understands the benefits social media platforms provide in reaching a wider audience and engaging with like-minded drag racing fans and racers all over the world.

“It’s important to connect with our members and fans on as many platforms as possible. It’s equally important to utilise those platforms to push our branding,” said ANDRA Media Manager John Baremans.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Population Clock there are approximately 24.4 million Australians.

Facebook’s recent data shows there are now 17 million active Australians on Facebook. Therefore approximately 70% of the total Australian population is an active Facebook user. This is a huge number.

Leading the Social Media Top 10 list for July is Facebook with 17,000,000 monthly active Australian users. Instagram is 4th on 5,000,000 and Twitter in 9th with 3,000,000 Aussie users.

In other interesting news, Facebook has revealed that 12 million Australians use Facebook on a daily basis.

Facebook has now also reached more than 2 billion monthly active users with 1.32 billion users logging in every day.

As a sport, drag racing is readily accessible with information, results, images, videos, and even live streaming events from all over the world.

Our social media footprint is currently on a number of platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, both for ANDRA and Summit Racing Equipment Junior Dragster.

Baremans added, “Having seen the stats on just how popular Instagram is, we knew the next step was to create a Junior Dragster page for our younger audience.

“Instagram’s popularity lies in the fact that you can take a photo on your mobile phone, and then customise it using Instagram’s built-in creative filters. It’s a great platform for those with artistic flair to showcase their images with friends and follow like-minded people all over the world.

“We hope to see some of those happy snaps, especially on weekends when our Junior racers are out and about. The page has only been live for a few days and is already showing good engagement.”

The following is a list of our social media platforms and we welcome you to like, tag and share your drag racing life with us, and the rest of the world!











Statistics compiled by for July 2017. Source: Vivid Social – Social Media Agency. Figures correct as of 31/07/17.