The Australian National Drag Racing Association is pleased to announce Tim McAvaney as its new Chief Executive Officer, commencing in the role from the 3rd of July, based in the Royston Park office in Adelaide.

The highly credentialed South Australian has extensive motorsport background, including in member-based organisations, and combined with his high-level corporate and non-profit experience, is the perfect fit for the role of CEO.

“I am excited to be joining ANDRA – it boasts a great history and foundation of more than fifty years, and combined with the supporting and collaborative structures it has in place with Motorsport Australia and through Government, ANDRA is best placed to continue to make a positive difference to drag racing in Australia, and I am very pleased to be a part of the new era ahead,” McAvaney said.

“Of course, ANDRA has some big challenges to face over the next couple of years, but I am confident that I can lead the organisation and see substantial growth for all stakeholders.

“Having served in the same role in the speedway industry, I feel I have the experience to understand the issues facing Australian motorsport peak bodies and the dynamics which exist.

“I believe this experience will assist me in transitioning into this role in a timely manner, without the baggage of the past.

“I am a new set of eyes which I hope the industry can benefit from, and I can move forward without the worry of wondering what is actually important and what is not. My experience will assist me to identify what is needed and prioritize and focus on the underlying issues.

“At the same time, my time managing Murray Bridge Speedway has allowed me to understand what tracks need, the difficulties that tracks face, and how to attract people to watch the sport.

“Delivering a consistent product is difficult but essential and critical to the success of the sport. On the other hand, competing in Wingless Sprints and Super Sedans in speedway assists me in understanding the difficulties competitors face. I think this first-hand experience will assist me to have a balanced view when leading ANDRA.

“I have also worked closely with Boards before and am currently a Board member of a sporting competition. This has developed my understanding of good governance, ensuring the correct policies, procedures and structures are in place, which benefit everyone.

“On a personal level, I am also excited to be involved in the motorsport sector again in a sport that I have followed for years. I’ve had the opportunity to attend Calder Park Raceway, Adelaide International Raceway and the Perth Motorplex over the years, and have also attended Bristol and St Louis in the USA for NHRA events.

“While a different discipline to speedway, drag racing is impressive, addictive and similar in so many ways, and I am greatly pleased to be a part of the sport’s future.

“I would like to thank the ANDRA Board for my appointment, and I look forward to my first day in the office.”

While he doesn’t start in the role until the 3rd of July, McAvaney is already focused on what he wants to achieve.

“My main objective will be for ANDRA to add further value to the industry and to further cement ANDRA’s place as the peak body of drag racing in this country,” McAvaney said.

“ANDRA needs to be an organisation that can demonstrate clear benefits for everyone in drag racing from Top Fuel all the way down to entry level racing, supporting competitors, officials, tracks, sponsors, supporters and the public.

“Strong communication will be critical to ensure our achievements are understood, while also reminding stakeholders of the achievements already in place which benefit the sport.

“I think the first few months will include a strong focus on meeting stakeholders and reviewing the systems in place. I will need to evaluate the organisation for myself, and find out the strengths and weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.

“I do expect some of this will be learnt through conversation with different stakeholders, and I am looking forward to meeting as many as possible.”

McAvaney has previously collaborated with ANDRA, while he was heading up Speedway Australia.

“I have worked with ANDRA in the past, working closely with the ANDRA team when I was at Speedway Australia,” McAvaney explained.

“We shared ideas and discussed common issues across both peak bodies, and I respect the way they went about their business and the standing that ANDRA had across many levels.

“With Speedway Australia being a relatively new organisation at the time, ANDRA was what we aspired to, and we worked to duplicate a great working model for the benefit of speedway racing.”

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