Both ANDRA Rollcage Specifications have been updated to reflect a change in the definition of a vehicle with “modified wheelwells” (as per the 2019/20 ANDRA Rulebook).

Modified Wheelwells (rear only)*;

Where material has been added to the wheelwells and has changed the profile of the wheelwell, (e.g. mini-tubbing or tubbing to accommodate larger rear tyres).

Any changes to the chassis or floor at the wheelwell location is recognised as a modification and is therefore classed as “modified wheelwells”.

The reshaping of existing OEM wheelwell material is not considered as a “modified wheelwell”.

This change relaxes the vehicle performance limitations relating to a Single Rollover Hoop style rollcage. Note that there are no other changes to any rollcage requirements.

The new documents are as follows (see the hyperlinks below) and are effective 1st August 2019.

Note that all removable rollcages (or rollcages with removable components) still require design approval and registration prior to the vehicle being Tech Inspected.

If you have any questions on these changes please contact myself (Scott Halfyard) on or 08 8271 5355.

Thanks, Scott

ANDRA Technical Officer