Following completion of the ANDRA Divisional Elections for 2024, the make-up of the five Divisional Councils has been confirmed.


  • Rob Cassar (Divisional Director)
  • Doug Penna
  • Wade Kisyma
  • Tim Stewart
  • Sue Stewart
  • Bill Caris
  • Shane Walker
  • Edgel Mallis
  • Darryl Chamberlain
  • John Parisi

Central Australia

  • Tony Miskelly (Divisional Director)
  • Ryan Lee
  • Bradley Hicks
  • Mathew Walden
  • Kym Puckridge
  • Cory Read
  • Harry Harris
  • Greg Oborti
  • Leith Darrach
  • Maxine Oppes

Western Australia

  • Murray O’Connor (Divisional Director)
  • Andrew Frost
  • Geoff Chaisty
  • Nick Gardiner
  • Ian Jenkins
  • Elizabeth Johns
  • Peter Glover
  • Michael Tomas
  • Sandro Principe
  • Paul Garbellini

New South Wales

  • Aaron Brookes (Divisional Director)
  • Paul Stephen
  • Andrew Hurst
  • Jim Rowley
  • David Erickson


  • Nathan Peirano
  • Aaron Stibbs
  • Wayne Downes
  • Ross Bryant
  • Jodi Townsend
  • Ken Lowe
  • Craig Baker

Nominations were invited during February and at the close, an election was required for the Victorian Division Divisional Director position. In all other Divisions no nominations above the number required were received.

ANDRA Thanks outgoing Divisional Directors Paul Drady, Nathan Peirano and Paul Stephen for their outstanding contributions to ANDRA and Australian Drag Racing.

Welcome to the new Divisional Council members, welcome back to the renewing and ongoing DC members and thank you to the outgoing DC members.

The new Divisional Councils will come to effect on May 31st.