During 2016, elections are due for ANDRA Division Directors in South Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales.

It should be remembered that Division Directors will be eligible for appointment to the ANDRA Board.

The following table shows those positions due for election in 2016, highlighted in yellow. 

  • Alternate Division Directors carrying out the senior position and any Delegates appointed to the Divisional Council by the Delegates over the past year must stand for election at this time.



Nominations are hereby invited for the various positions, from Full Members of ANDRA. They must be lodged with the ANDRA Office no later than 12 noon (CDST) Thursday, March 31st, 2016 on the appropriate form.

Nomination Forms are available below or by contacting ANDRA on info@andra.com.au or (08) 8271 5355

Full details of the election process may be found in the ANDRA Constitution