ANDRA Technical is pleased to release the Homologated Fuel List for the 2019/20 ANDRA Drag Racing Season.

The full list can be viewed here and is effective from today, the 1st July 2019.

The updated list has all Leaded fuels removed and the following new Unleaded fuels added;

  • Sunoco Evo 10
  • PowerPlus 110+
  • Panta SIX
  • Panta XS
  • Panta CX
  • Panta SUPERMAX
  • Panta NR+ 105
  • Panta NS+ 105
  • Panta MAX
  • Panta NS 102

If you require any further information then please contact VPW, PowerPlus or Panta Distribution Australia respectively, and/or contact ANDRA Technical on or (08) 8271 5355.


PowerPlus –

Panta Distribution Australia –