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ANDRA Drag Racing is one of the most popular motor sports in Australia with an accessibility and excitement that can’t be matched.

Off-street meetings are run by all ANDRA Member Tracks, giving newcomers to the sport a chance to test their skills with their own street car or bike. It’s not a big step from there to the competition events, which are often run on a dial-your-own handicap to make it even for everyone. From the outside, drag racing looks simple – two cars or bikes race each other to the finish line after getting the green light – but there’s more to it than that.

Newcomers can find it a little daunting with pre-stage and stage lights, red light starts, reaction times, handicaps, break-outs and so on. The ANDRA Rulebook can be viewed online or purchased from Head Office or through the ANDRA online shop and will give you information from the fundamentals of drag racing to what you need in a Top Fuel dragster. This won’t make you an expert racer overnight but at least we can give you a head start.

To find out more information, please contact your relevant Division Director by clicking the appropriate division tab in the ‘About’ section of our Main Menu. 

Becoming an ANDRA member delivers many benefits to racers so if you’d like more information please email


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